If you are considering physical therapy, something is motivating you. You may be experiencing pain, dealing with an acute injury, or recovering from surgery. But is that really your whole story? At Kinetic, our focus is that thing that’s motivating YOU. We call that YOUR IT, and we want to help YOU get back to IT. Whether it’s a hobby, like walking or gardening, a sport like golf or running, or maybe it’s just being able to play with your kids or grandkids. Whatever YOUR IT is, our focus is helping you GET IT BACK!

Contact Kinetic today to schedule your initial evaluation and let us help you GET YOUR IT BACK!

Experienced Staff

At Kinetic Physical Therapy, we want to be your first choice for the treatment of physical impairments and movement dysfunction. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are movement specialists who possess the advanced skills necessary to treat your movement related conditions. For more info on our services, visit our What We Do page.

We Take Insurance

We accept private insurance, medicare and workers compensation.  We also offer self pay options for our clients who wish to pay out of pocket or are capitated to other facilities by their insurance providers.

Direct Access 

In the state of PA, Physical Therapists are first line providers and can be seen without a prescription.  Contact any of our facilities to find out if your personal insurance provider participates in direct access.

Great Locations

Kinetic Physical Therapy has multiple locations throughout Chester and Montgomery counties.  To find or get directions to a Kinetic near you, visit our Location page. 

Amazing Facilities

From warm water pools for aquatic therapy, to state of the art strength training equipment, Kinetic’s facilities are second to none in our region.  Each of our clinic’s has the tools you need to get your IT back!

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