The P.R.E.P Program

In our West Chester location, The P.R.E.P. Program, offered by ACAC, refers to the Physician Referred Exercise Program.  P.R.E.P is designed to address your fitness or wellness needs and wants in conjunction with your physician’s or physical therapist’s recommendations.  At the conclusion of your physical therapy program, the P.R.E.P Program is a great way to continue the healthy lifestyle you have started to employ.  Also, if you have always been interested in getting back into shape, the P.R.E.P Program can get you started.  The P.R.E.P professionals are motivating as well as knowledgeable.  Their guidance will assure your success.

The program includes a 60-day membership for only $60.

  • 60-day membership for $60
  • Full club access
  • Guidance and help from qualified professionals

To find out more about The P.R.E.P Program at ACAC West Chester Click HERE!