Shoulder and Elbow Pain

Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff disease, degenerative arthritis, postural syndromes are all possible cause of shoulder pain. Kinetic Physical Therapy will use modalities to decrease your pain as well as hands-on techniques to improve your joint motion restoring your functional mobility. If you have had surgery to correct your shoulder pain, we will take you through your appropriate protocol progression helping you achieve your range of motion and strength goals systematically. If you have not had surgery, than an accurate diagnosis is imperative to your treatment protocol. Following a full biomechanical evaluation we will prescribe specific exercises for strength and stability as well as manual techniques in order to correct the underlying reason for your dysfunction and pain.

Elbow Pain

Repetitive stress injury like “tennis elbow” and golfer’s elbow” is the most common form of elbow pain treated at. Your physical therapist will use modalities to decrease pain, in order to restore your pain free motion. When appropriate we will use manual soft tissue techniques to increase the flexibility and extensibility of the muscles involved in order to achieve a long standing result. A customized strengthening program can then be implemented to return you to your chosen sport or your activities of daily living.