Pre and Post Operative

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

If you have injured yourself to the degree where you will require surgery to fully heal, pre-habilitation may be necessary for you. Surgery could ultimately have to be put off because of uncontrolled swelling and decreased range of motion, further lengthening your rehab program. Kinetic Physical Therapy can help control pain, swelling, increase range of motion and create the best environment for healing to take place, preparing you for a successful surgery. Sometimes, a comprehensive pre-habilitation can decrease the necessity for surgery altogether.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Kinetic Physical Therapy can help you post-operatively achieve the range of motion, and strength you need to return to all of your previous activities. Each surgery has a specific progression of exercises that need to be followed during the rehabilitation process. Kinetic Physical Therapy communicates directly with your surgeon in order to assure the most safe and effective progression of your specific protocol.