Welcome to Kinetic Physical Therapy

“Movement is a medicine for creating change  in a person’s physical, emotional, and  mental status.”                                                       
Carol Welch

Moving Patients Forward to build  Resiliency, Recovery, and Strength

Our dedicated and comprehensive approach, displays to our mutual patients ,
a shared commitment to their health, open dialogue,
and visionary options for healing and health sustainability.

Kinetic welcomes the opportunity, to learn about your practices, patient cultures, and areas of specialty.

We welcome your questions and concerns.

Optimizing Patient Wellness Together

We Believe
Treatment alliances bring significant value to patient healing, recovery, and integration of healthy movement protocols.

We Believe

Patients can overcome today’s present post pandemic challenges, along with the stressors that accompany physical illness, when they know their doctors are working in unison.

We Believe

Kinetics  model of prevention, rehabilitation, and maintenance allows us to provide physicians, specialists, and integrated practitioners, with a canvas of treatment options that benefit our mutual patients. 

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