Dizziness (Vestibular Dysfunction)

Dizziness, poor balance, falls, mild headache, impaired vision. These symptoms, collectively or individually, can be a result of dysfunction of the vestibular system. The Vestibular system is a specialized body system that helps govern our balance and our body’s ability to understand where it is in space. This system, when not working properly, can be a significant impediment to a person’s ability to function in daily life.
Vestibular rehabilitation is a sub-specialty of physical therapy that focuses on restoring the function of the vestibular system. Depending on the specific diagnosis this treatment may include: manual therapy, balance training, therapeutic exercise, muscular re-education, and overall conditioning. Kinetic Physical Therapy has several clinicians who are proficient in this area and who consistently get positive outcomes for the patients they serve.
Patients often live with the symptoms of vestibular impairment for much longer than they need to. Consulting a qualified professional is often the first step to feeling well and returning to normal activity.