Baseball Performance Program

Baseball Specific Screening

It is well documented in the literature that baseball players, especially pitchers, are the most asymmetrical athletes walking the Earth.  The repetitive nature and the forces generated by the overhead throw create adaptive change in the baseball player’s body.  Some of this change is necessary and representative of a normal re-organization of tissue.  However, in a lot of athletes, adaptations are made without checks and balances, which eventually can lead to predispositions for injury.

Kinetic Physical Therapy’s Baseball Screen is designed with those well documented areas of change in mind.  Is it appropriate or not for you to begin using the “sleeper stretch”, our screen will tell you.  Are you having control issues? Our screen may uncover the physical reason for your lack of consistency.  Are you plagued by injury? Our screen will allow for the most appropriate corrective exercises to be prescribed in order to mitigate your asymmetries.  Email me (Chris Shearer) or call with any questions and to schedule., or (610) 380-5091


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