Acute Spine Program


 The Acute Spine Program


High quality research indicates that patients with low back pain for less than 2 weeks have a 91% probability of dramatic success following 2 manual therapy sessions.  This is the basis for the creation of Kinetic Physical Therapy’s Acute Spine Program.  Created and administered by residency trained Dr. Jason Elvin, The Acute Spine Program aims to encourage early manual physical therapy treatments in an effort to lower overall healthcare costs including reduced risk for surgery, advanced imaging, injections, and the use of opioid medications.

If you have a sudden onset of  low back pain, call us, the goal of the program is to get you into our office within 24 hours…if a referral is necessary Jason will help you find your way, if it’s not, then you are already on your way to recovery.

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Please click on Jason’s Acute Spine Program Powerpoint

Check out this video of the spinal manipulations used by Dr. Elvin when his patients fit into a validated clinical prediction model.